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RaceTec Toolkit

Toolkit is the first native Android and iOS app designed to be a tool specifically for race timers, race directors and race officials, providing useful functions to make your day easier, and valuable information at your fingertips live from the race.
It links seamlessly and securely to RaceTec via the internet and continues to work even when your device (phone or tablet) is offline.
It is a free download from the Android Playstore and Apple Appstore, however to fully appreciate what it can do you need to sync it with RaceTec.
Configuring of the various functions and screens is done from with RaceTec using the dedicated 'Toolkit Module'.
Details of each function are described below. Click the images for a higher resolution view.
Manual Timing
Manually record times at any split and the data flows seamlessly via the cloud into RaceTec.
  • Show competitor details with each time (name, gender, category, etc).
  • Easily record gender of finisher by tapping the M, F or X buttons.
  • Pre-enter a list of race numbers and they are highlighted in red when you enter them.
  • Scan a bib barcode instead of manually entering the number.
  • Make manual corrections to numbers and times.
  • Enter multiple numbers to record a single time for all of them (useful for wave starts).
Wave Starts
Record gun start times electronically, and automatically update in RaceTec.
  • Simple button tap to record a start time.
  • Waves/Start groups are automatically downloaded from RaceTec, so no manual creating in Toolkit.
  • Additional waves can be created by the app user if necessary.
  • Countdown clock to next wave, and countup clocks for each wave that has started.
  • Gender totals shown on-screen.
  • The app user can add notes which are viewable in RaceTec back in the timing office.
Live statistics useful for timers and race directors, linked to RaceTec.
  • Race/event totals by gender and category.
  • How many are finished, DNF, still on course, etc.
  • Leaderboards and gender totals at all timing points.
  • Who has not been seen at each timing point (good for water safety in triathlons).
  • Timing point summary showing what chip was last seen there, very useful when test scanning chips at remote locations.
  • All screens update live, no manual refreshing necessary.
For use in the registration tent pre-race.
  • Late entries and changes.
  • Dynamic bib assignment and recording withdrawals and arrivals.
  • Dynamic bib assignment by scanning a barcode on the bib.
  • Lightning fast data entry by scanning a QR Code produced on the competitor's phone using the free RaceTec QR Code app.
  • Configure entry fields easily using RaceTec. Turn off unused ones, and add custom questions.
  • Easily search for competitors to check assigned race number and details.
  • Works offline, with new entries and changes being transferred when the device comes online again.
  • New entries and changes easily saved in RaceTec at the click of a button.
Course Updates
For use by race officials to record DNFs, DQs, penalties, course notes, etc.
  • Links to RaceTec to show competitor name after the official enters the race number.
  • A picture can be taken as proof. This image is viewable in RaceTec.
  • Simple coloured penalty card system, as used in IRONMAN and other triathlons. This links to the Penalty Box system (see below).
  • Easy recording of DNF, DQ or QUERY, with penalty reasons and times.
  • All updates are viewable in RaceTec with a change audit log, and competitors easily updated from there.
Penalty Box
For managing arrival and departure of competitors in penalty boxes.
  • Links to the course updates function, so penalties recorded on course automatically appear on this page.
  • App user checks competitors in and out.
  • Visible countdown for all competitors currently attending penalty box.
  • Audible beep when a countdown is at 00:00:00.
  • All data flows back to RaceTec where you can check on who has and who hasn't reported to a penalty box.
Time Trial Starts
With countdown and start beeps
  • Links to RaceTec to show competitor names and any other details useful for the announcer.
  • Fully customisable countdown beep and final (longer) start beep.
  • Connect your phone to an external speaker for beeps audible to spectators.
  • Can be used as a simple countdown beeper.
Use at registration to record who has arrived, to sign-on starters in each wave pen, who collected T-Shirts, etc.
  • The user taps the tick to record as present, the cross to record as not present.
  • Using RaceTec, easily customise what information is shown for each competitor.
  • Sign-ons flow seamlessly to RaceTec from where they can be actioned.
Top 10
Use to easily and accurately record the top (x) men and women across the line
  • The user taps once to record the time, then adds race number afterwards when he has time, so the time recording is very accurate.
  • Data flow seamlessly to RaceTec from where they can be actioned.
For use by an announcer anywhere in the world to call names from any timing point
  • Links to RaceTec via the cloud, and updates within a second or two.
  • Easily specify what columns display from within RaceTec.
  • The announcer can use a search feature to see additional information about a competitor.
  • Every search done records a manual time for that race number, which can be very useful if the competitor lost their timing chip!
Plus More !
The information above only scratches the surface of what Toolkit can do, and new features are being added all the time