Platform Independent

RaceTec was originally developed to run on a Microsoft Windows operating system, and the main RaceTec system still does.
However in 2010, with the proliferation of iPads and smart phones, I started to see more and more demand for supporting these types of devices, especially for announcer purposes. So RaceTec now has functionality that allows it to run on practically any device: Laptops, iPads, tablets, Macbooks, smart phones, even Kindles.

The following functions can be performed on any device:

Commentator Information System
Announcer displays
Various leaderboards (multi-lap, triathlon, time-trial)
Scrolling results (for displaying live results on a big display screen)
Results kiosk
Competitor entry and edit
Capture wave (gun) start times
Manual backup
Registration/chip pickup
Status updates (drop-out clerk)
Information desk
Medical system