Competitor Services

Everything you need to give competitors a results experience second to none. Set up an unlimited number of results kiosks using laptops, iPads or tablets, where competitors can view and print their results. Provide large LED displays showing live leaderboards and results. Enhance the social media experience with live text messages and Facebook updates. Configure a wireless hotspot, allowing anyone with a smart device to access RaceTec results and leaderboards directly.

Problem Solving

Through the use of comprehensive screens and advanced Excel-like grids, RaceTec gives you the ability to quickly find and identify problems such as missing split times, potential cheats or course issues, unidentified timing chips, un-captured late entries, competitors starting in the wrong wave, and so much more.

Powerful database

RaceTec has a Microsoft SQL Server backend, which means you have a fully scalable database with power and flexibility second to none. Whether it is a small club run with 200 runners, or a major international marathon with 50,000 competitors and timing points every kilometre, RaceTec will cope. And it has been proven to cope with such large demands effortlessly on an average laptop.

Announcer Displays

Commentators get access to a fully configurable display, rich with content, and usable on any device: From laptops to iPads, to tablets, to smart phones. You can even let the announcer use his own smart phone, And at his fingertips he has scrolling displays, leaderboards, results and race statistics.

No Limits

RaceTec is designed and developed with the main overriding consideration being 'no limits'. The number of races, competitors, timing points, age categories, timing chips per competitor, teams, etc is limited by only one thing: Your hard disk space. And I guarantee you will never reach this point, no matter how big a timing company you are.
The database has been professionally designed and developed from my 20 years of experience in large corporate environments, and will cope with any volumes thrown at it.


Full automation of results calculation, social media updating, website updating, etc so that you can focus on the more important aspects of timing. It is possible to leave RaceTec running for days on end without any intervention.

Remote Timing Points

RaceTec excels at managing remote timing points and includes a number of tools to get data from your remote timing point to your setup at the finish line. This includes the ability to provide a live announcer display to someone on the other side of the world.

Timing Hardware Interfaces

RaceTec connects directly to most industry-standard timing systems. That means no loading data from text files. You connect, and the data is received and processed with no action from you. To cope with legacy systems and all situations, there is still an advanced system for importing from text files, and you can even automate this.
And if RaceTec can't connect to your system, I'm sure I can make it.

Social Media

Live SMS messaging at very low prices. Automated updates to Facebook walls from the finish and intermediate splits. Results emails. And coming soon: live Twitter results to your Twitter feed. Posts to Facebook and Twitter can be done from the results website, as can results emails.